Commercial Locksmith Services

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The best locksmith services for your business. We have the experience and tools necessary to install, service and repair the most advanced security solutions specially designed to protect commercial and even government venues.

Choose The Best Commercial Locksmith Services for your Business

Recently, due to economic problems around the world, businesses are increasingly becoming a lucrative target for criminals. With the price of insurance, and damage repairs to premises and stock, your commercial security is vitally important. The good news is that DML Locksmith Services can step in and make sure your business or commercial venue is safe and secure with some of the highest-quality security systems in the market.


DML Locksmith Services Can Provide You with the following Commercial Locksmith Solutions:

  • Locks and Keys
  • Business Lockouts
  • Electronic Keypads and Easy Keyless Entry Systems
  • Repairs or Replacements
  • Crafting Multiple Keys and Locks
  • Deadbolt or Heavy Duty Locks
  • Code Keys
  • Security Systems and Zone Security Systems
  • Alarm Systems
  • Entry or Exit Alarms
  • Custom Security Systems
  • Secured Doors
  • Repair, Alignment, and Maintenance
  • Panic Buttons and Security Alarms
  • Magnet Strips, Biometric Systems, Proximity Alarms and Keypads
  • Safes, Filing Cabinets and Office Locks

The security of your commercial property or business is our number one concern. At DML Locksmith Services we are here to give you and your employees a safe and secure environment.

The quickest service and the most affordable prices!

Based in the North Dallas area, DML Locksmith Services provides the best response time when it comes to Automotive, Commercial and Residential solutions.

Our team of professionals with more than 10 years’ experience can open any lock and duplicate any key any time. We are licensed, bonded and insured, guaranteeing minimum risk and maximum efficiency when performing jobs that require special precision and care.

Our highly qualified services are top of the line,

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You never know when you will need a locksmith to open or start your car. Our team of automotive technicians can deal with lock out situations, rekeying, and ignition cylinder replacement. All while taking special care of your car´s integrity.


The best locksmith services for your business. We have the experience and tools necessary to install, service and repair the most advanced security solutions specially designed to protect commercial and even government venues.


What can DML do for you? We are pleased to offer you the widest variety of locksmith services to protect you and those you love. Protect your home and family with our powerful yet stylish locks, or get perfectly matching duplicates with ease.

Why People Choose Us?

We are fast and responsive. We have the best response time in Texas, making sure you get professional help right when you need it.

Our polite and professional team is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied with our service.

The final result is always more than expected. New keys fit perfectly every time, locks close and open seamlessly.

Knowledgeable and experienced. You can always ask any questions about security and protection systems. We know all there is to know about the products that best suit your needs.

Totally convenient. Our mobile units are equipped with all the necessary tools to give you a complete service no matter where you are. We even make keys on the spot.

DML Locksmith Texas is not your regular locksmith. Although most businesses in our industry focus on unlocking doors, we have gone further by evolving into a complete security solution. We install protection solutions specially tailored to the needs of our clients.

We can visit your home or business and help you design a comprehensive protection system adjusted to your specific needs and budget.

If you are in Texas, DML Locksmith Services is a company you can trust.

Identify What Locksmith or Security Services You Need

It isn’t easy for someone that isn’t trained in security to walk around their business or commercial property and establish exactly what they want. That is where DML Locksmith Services can step in and help. We can conduct a complete assessment of your premises and determine what security systems would be best for you. We don’t try and sell unnecessary equipment; we have established a reputation for trustworthiness and experience. Having DML Locksmith Services available to help you rest peacefully.


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